Client Feedback

Some people said some nice things, even though I am clearly un-nice and curmudgeonly. If you want to read nice things, you will have to read their remarks (may I also suggest their books) instead of mine.

I have in no way edited everything by every name here. I am just one grumpy cog in the machine. Therefore, there is a picture and/or a little star — *cha-ching! — next to those titles through which I did in fact rampage. Any other projects simply deserve mention too, not that I’ve even managed to corral them all, because these people are doing fine things.


Cat is an amazing editor with a remarkable ability to find weaknesses, explain why a segment is weak, and give concrete advice on how to make corrections. Her knowledge is vast and her intuition is spot-on. Recommending her is a no-brainer.

-Linda Yezak, author of Give the Lady a Ride, The Cat Lady’s Secret,* The Final Ride, and The Simulacrum (with Brad D. Seggie)

I Am Ocilla - Diane Graham


You are a gift, Cat… Thank you for the excellent job… At one point, coffee spewed due to your comments. I may need to pay you a little more for the good belly-laugh.

-Diane Graham, author of I Am Ocilla* (Splashdown Books)


All I can think of to say is – WOW. I had no idea that your editing would be so extensive (or so brilliant).  I’ve only skimmed through it and I’m so grateful…

-Stephanie Landsem, author of The Well,* The Thief* and The Tomb (Howard-Simon & Schuster)


She’s professional, reliable, savvy, and funny. When I first started hunting for a professional editor, I knew I wanted someone who would be easy to work with and who could further my own education as a writer. Cat fits that bill to a T.

-K.M. Weiland, author of Behold the Dawn, A Man Called Outlaw, Dreamlander,* Storming,* Structuring Your Novel,* Outlining Your Novel, Writer’s Digest University coursewriter, and owner of


This is amazing stuff… Thanks so much for the invaluable guidance.

-Shamus Young, author of The Witch Watch* (Twenty-Sided, 2012) and owner of Hugo-nominated fan blog Twenty-Sided Tale


I feel like Rocky and you’re that old guy with the cigar… an overwhelmingly awesome crash course in writing.

-Timothy C. Ward, author of Scavenger: Evolution, Scavenger: A.I., Godsknife: Revolt, Godsknife: Lineage and Ultras*


I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for Cathi-Lyn’s work. This is a top-shelf service.

– Marc Schooley, author of The Dark Man, Konig’s Fire,* and Nightriders* (Enclave Press)


…Best of all, she ‘got’ my story. She understood what I wanted to achieve and then helped me to get there. And she spotted things that I would never have seen in a million years…if you are looking for an editor, I can’t recommend Cat enough. She is professional, thorough, patient, and supportive in equal measure.

-P.A. Baines, author of Alpha Redemption,* Alpha Revelation* and Odd Jobs (Splashdown Books)