Client Feedback

Some people said some nice things, even though you can see by my very classic portrait that I am un-nice and curmudgeonly. If you want to read nice things, you will have to read their remarks instead of mine.

*Cat employed her highly skilled professional harassment techniques on this project.

Cat is an amazing editor with a remarkable ability to find weaknesses, explain why a segment is weak, and give concrete advice on how to make corrections. Her knowledge is vast and her intuition is spot-on. Recommending her is a no-brainer.

-Linda Yezak, author of Give the Lady a Ride, The Cat Lady’s Secret,* The Final Ride, and The Simulacrum (with Brad D. Seggie)

You are a gift, Cat… Thank you for the excellent job… At one point, coffee spewed due to your comments. I may need to pay you a little more for the good belly-laugh.

-Diane Graham, author of I Am Ocilla* (Splashdown Books)

All I can think of to say is – WOW. I had no idea that your editing would be so extensive (or so brilliant).  I’ve only skimmed through it and I’m so grateful…

-Stephanie Landsem, author of The Well,* The Thief* and The Tomb (Howard-Simon & Schuster)

She’s professional, reliable, savvy, and funny. When I first started hunting for a professional editor, I knew I wanted someone who would be easy to work with and who could further my own education as a writer. Cat fits that bill to a T.

-K.M. Weiland, author of Behold the Dawn, A Man Called Outlaw, Dreamlander,* Storming,* Structuring Your Novel,* Outlining Your Novel, Writer’s Digest University coursewriter, and owner of

This is amazing stuff… Thanks so much for the invaluable guidance.

-Shamus Young, author of The Witch Watch* (Twenty-Sided, 2012) and owner of Hugo-nominated fan blog Twenty-Sided Tale

I feel like Rocky and you’re that old guy with the cigar… an overwhelmingly awesome crash course in writing.

-Timothy C. Ward, author of Scavenger: Evolution, Scavenger: A.I., Godsknife: Revolt, Godsknife: Lineage and Ultras*

I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for Cat’s work. This is a top-shelf service.

– Marc Schooley, author of The Dark Man, Konig’s Fire,* and Nightriders* (Marcher Lord Press)

…Best of all, she ‘got’ my story. She understood what I wanted to achieve and then helped me to get there. And she spotted things that I would never have seen in a million years…if you are looking for an editor, I can’t recommend Cat enough. She is professional, thorough, patient, and supportive in equal measure.

-P.A. Baines, author of Alpha Redemption,* Alpha Revelation* and Odd Jobs (Splashdown Books)